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Title I Information

Desert View School

Washington Elementary School District

Parent Involvement Policy, 2012-2013


I.                 Desert View School plans activities to involve parents, families and community members with their input             through PTO, Site Council or in other outreach meetings.

·         We will communicate information and school reports in a language parents understand and offer             interpreters as needed.

·     We invite parents to participate in the decision-making processes that relate to our Title I Parent     Involvement Plan and funding for activities.

·        We provide the resource of our social worker to assist families in economic or emotional hardships that may impact their child’s education.

·    We provide the assistance of our Parent Liaison to all families to locate resources, coordinate volunteer opportunities, and provide parent education training.

·      We offer our facilities to the Desert View Block watch group to discuss community issues and concerns.

·         Parent Involvement at Desert View School will involve student academic learning and other activities to ensure that parents are able to assist in their student’s learning, involved in the student’s education at school, can be included in decision-making to assist in the education of the student, and carrying out other activities, allowed under Title I. 

II.                  Desert View School will implement the Parent Involvement Policy Components:

1.      Involve parents in the joint development of the policy with parents and teacher members of the Leadership Team, review  the policy as a group, and approve the final draft to be shared with all parents.

2.     Involve parents in the Continuous Improvement Plan by encouraging parents to complete and return parent satisfaction or other surveys that define school needs, conduct Title I meetings that explain the school program and needs.

3.  Use resources to plan and implement parent involvement activities to improve student achievement and school performance through the Leadership Team, grade level teams, Site Council, PTO, social worker, parent liaison, community outreach staff, District Office staff, and community members.

4.  Coordinate with other programs by collaborating with parents and teachers involved in programs, Site Council, Leadership Team, PTO and gathering/sharing information with parents as partners in decision-making activities.

5.      Evaluate the content and effectiveness of the Policy annually in terms of improving quality of the school by surveying parents and analyzing results, holding staff and parent meetings for discussion and collaboration, revise the Parent Involvement Plan for the following year based on data and findings (Site Council responsibilities)

6.      Provide assistance to parents on topics to include the following:

·         Arizona Common Core Standards

·         Arizona student assessments

·         Title I requirement

·         Ways to monitor the student’s progress

·         How to work with educators

·         How to have a successful parent-teacher conference

·         How to help students at home

·         Parenting classes

·         ELL classes

·         Volunteer opportunities

·         Communication between school and home

·         Meetings about assessments

·         Title I annual meeting

·         School newsletter

·         School website

·         Excellent family/community member experiences

·         Communication in English, Spanish and other languages as needed

·         Translator/interpreter provided for parents in the language they understand



Actions listed above will build parent, school, and community capacity as partners vested in ensuring improved academic achievement for our students, members of the Washington Elementary School Distric