Student drop-off/pickup

There is one student drop-off/pick up area:
Enter the school parking lot from 3rd Street.  Follow the road all the way to our north parking lot.  
  • Stay on the inside lane next to the school to drop off or pick up your child.
  • The outside lane is to be used for traffic that is going to park in the north parking lot.
To ensure the safety and proper traffic flow, please assist us by following these guidelines:
  • Please adhere to posted parking areas and pickup zones.
  • Pull up as far as possible in the pickup/drop-off areas.
  • Remain in a single lane next to the curb to ensure safety while boarding and exiting the vehicle.
  • Students are to exit and enter the vehicle from inside the curb.
  • Parents are asked to remain in there vehicle.
  • Entering the parking lot from Alice Ave is not permitted.
  • If you are late picking up your child, he or she will be escorted to the front office for pickup.
  • Do not park on 3rd Street in the school zone area to drop off or pick up a student.

School Map