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eralInstructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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Natalia Bowers 1st Grade Teacher natalia.bowers@wesdschools.org Ms. Bower's Site 
Shawna Remus 1st Grade Teacher shawna.remus@wesdschools.org Ms. Remus Site 
Julie Legg 2nd Grade Teacher julie.legg@wesdschools.org Ms. Legg's Site 
Sheryl Oleson 2nd Grade Teacher sheryl.oleson@wesdschools.org Mrs. Oleson's Site 
Maryann Puccio 4th Grade Teacher maryann.puccio@wesdschools.org Ms. Puccio's Site 
Nikki McCartney 4th Grade Teacher nicole.mccartney@wesdschools.org Ms. McCartney's Site 
Mike Patterson 5th Grade Teacher mike.patterson@wesdschools.org Mr. Patterson's Site 
Jana Kisner Art Teacher jana.kisner@wesdschools.org Ms. Kisner's Site 
Paul Coleman band paul.coleman@wesdschools.org Mr. Coleman's site 
Anna Iovescu fifth grade anna.iovescu@wesdschools.org Mrs. Iovescu's site 
Louise LaMee fifth grade louise.lamee@wesdschools.org Ms. Lamee's site 
Kathy Bien first grade kathleen.bien@wesdschools.org Mrs. Bien's site 
Geraldine Wong Gifted/Apex geraldine.wong@wesdschools.org APEX site 
Keri Schlink intervention specialist keri.schlink@wesdschools.org Mrs. Schlink's site 
Taylor Roseberry KG & 1st Grade Autism Teacher taylor.roseberry@wesdschools.org Ms. Roseberry 
Renee Gonzalez KG Autism Teacher renee.gonzalez@wesdschools.org Mrs. Gonzalez 
Julianne Pfeiffer Kindergarten julianne.pfeiffer@wesdschools.org Ms. Pfeiffer's Site 
Noel Powell Kindergarten Noel.powell@wesdschools.org Ms. Powell's Site 
Angela Cole LD CCR angela.cole@wesdschools.org Ms. Cole's site 
Leah Skaw Music Teacher leah.skaw@wesdschools.org Ms. Skaw's Site 
Vicky Bonavito PE victoria.bonavito@wesdschools.org Mrs. Bonavito's site 
Megan Nash Program Coach megan.nash@wesdschools.org Ms. Nash's Site 
Sienna Wyse PS Teacher sienna.wyse@wesdschools.org Ms. Wyse's Site 
Brenda Betts second grade brenda.betts@wesdschools.org Mrs. Bett's site 
Courtney Minicozzi Special Needs Preschool Teacher courtney.minicozzi@wesdschools.org Mrs. Minicozzi's site 
Shaun Harris Special Needs Preschool Teacher shaun.harris@wesdschools.org Ms. Harris's site 
Emily Sinclair Special Needs Preschool Teacher Emily.Sinclair@wesdschools.org Ms. Troyky's site 
Matti Dwyer third grade matti.dwyer@wesdschools.org Ms. Dwyer's site 
Roberta Dyer third grade roberta.dyer@wesdschools.org Ms. Dyer's site 
Laura McCormick Third Grade laura.mccormick@wesdschools.org Mrs. McCormick's Site 
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