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eralInstructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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1st Grade Teacher Sheryl Oleson sheryl.oleson@wesdschools.org  
1st Grade Teacher Lauren McCabe lauren.mccabe@wesdschools.org  
2nd Grade Teacher Natalia Bowers natalia.bowers@wesdschools.org  
2nd Grade Teacher Ashley Volpe ashley.volpe@wesdschools.org  
3rd Grade Teacher Jenna Jarvi jennalyn.jarvi@wesdschools.org  
3rd Grade Teacher Kaitlynne Beck kaitlynne.beck@wesdschools.org  
4th Grade Teacher Acacia Crow acacia.crow@wesdschools.org  
4th Grade Teacher Becky Wright rebecca.wright@wesdschools.org  
5th Grade Teacher Mike Patterson mike.patterson@wesdschools.org  
5th Grade Teacher Anna Iovescu anna.iovescu@wesdschools.org  
Art Teacher Jana Kisner jana.kisner@wesdschools.org  
Gifted/Apex Christine Dilworth christine.dilworth@wesdschools.org APEX site 
Intervention Specialist Keri Schlink keri.schlink@wesdschools.org  
KG-Autism Teacher Karin Stake karin.stake@wesdschools.org  
KG Autism Teacher Taylor Roseberry taylor.roseberry@wesdschools.org  
KG Teacher Julianne Pfeiffer julianne.pfeiffer@wesdschools.org  
KG Teacher Donna Pulley donna.pulley@wesdschools.org  
LD CCR Adrian Hernandez adrian.hernandez@wesdschools.org  
Library Teacher Diane Bolze diane.bolze@wesdschools.org  
Music Teacher Leah Skaw leah.skaw@wesdschools.org  
OT-SNPS Darla Goodman darla.goodman@wesdschools.org  
PE Lesley Pletnick lesley.pletnick@wesdschools.org  
Program Coach Megan Nash megan.nash@wesdschools.org  
Resource Kim Schaeffer kim.schaeffer@wesdschools.org  
School Social Worker Susie Amado susie.amado@wesdschools.org  
SLPA-KG Autism Lorraine Corn lorraine.corn@wesdschools.org  
SLPA-PS Jennifer Seeglitz jennifer.seeglitz@wesdschools.org  
SLPA-PS Asilyn Jordan asilyn.jordan@wesdschools.org  
SNPS- Autism Teacher Shaun Harris shaun.harris@wesdschools.org  
SNPS-Autism Teacher Megan Kingman megan.kingman@wesdschools.org  
SNPS-Autism Teacher Emily Sinclair Emily.Sinclair@wesdschools.org  
SNPS-Autism Teacher Sarah Clancy sarah.clancy@wesdschools.org  
SNPS Speech Liz Zimmerman elizabeth.zimmerman@wesdschools.org  
SNPS Teacher Diana Hays diana.hays@wesdschools.org  
SNPS Teacher Renee Gonzalez renee.gonzalez@wesdschools.org  
Speech Teacher Pam Truesdell pam.truesdell@wesdschools.org  
Showing 36 items